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Lieutenant Colonel Mark E. Green, USA (Retired) served his country for 34 years (24 active duty) before retiring to take on his next mission: to advocate for veterans and their families, and help build remarkable resilience by addressing mind, body and spirit. The Mindset Vet candidly uses his own life experiences – from overcoming a traumatic, impoverished childhood in Missouri, to learning to walk again after an injury in Afghanistan – to inspire others who might be struggling with issues, depression and other difficulties during transition. The author and speaker is creating a curriculum based on his 7 Vital Steps to Resiliency in Warrior’s Code 001.

Mark’s Vision

Massive influence of global brand to increase the health and wellness of those in military service, veterans, families and others with resiliency and transition.


Mark’s Career Highlights

  • Served as all American 82nd Airborne
  • Named Soldier of Year for his battalion
  • One of three pioneering members of Army’s Taekwondo team that went on to be recognized as the All Army Sports team that competes for the Olympics
  • Graduate Command and General Staff College; Master’s Degree, Organizational Mgmt.
  • Chief Planning Public Works US Army 7 States: Malcolm Baldridge US Army Examiner
  • Twice Inspector General; first serving role entire southern half Afghanistan
  • Juris Doctor, Law (part of his course work completed while deployed in Afghanistan)
  • Recently earned 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo despite hip replacement and learning to walk again
  • Featured on for his new mission
  • Step Out, Step Up: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service and Warrior’s Code 001 selected as Book of the Month for November 2018 by Kathy Murphy’s Pulpwood Queens Book Club, the largest meeting-and-discussion book club with more than 750 chapters worldwide with 7,000+ members
  • Certified Success Principles Coach, Jack Canfield
  • Volunteer, Camaraderie Foundation

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